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About Us

Contel Technologies Group is proud to present its unprecedented solution for industrial control systems.

Contel Technologies has been a leading company in the Israeli market for more than six decades, employing nearly 300 workers. Our Group specializes in the various areas of industrial control, providing comprehensive and competitive solutions that meet the strictest quality and service standards.


Our Group includes the following companies:

Contel ICS - executes large projects in the field of process control and automation systems.

Contel Electromechanics - plans and manufactures electricity and control systems including field installation and cabling. Contel Electromechanics has a state-of-the-arts plant located in Kfar Sabah. It specializes in the planning and execution of electrical systems for industrial facilities, electrical enclosures and MCCs (Motor Control Systems). The company follows the IEC- 61439 and UL-508A standards.

MMTS - robotic systems, automation systems, and end-line solutions. This company provides robotic solutions for FANUC, including carton systems, Pick & Place systems, ink and laser marking systems, packaging systems, and more.

Trunovate - develops the IIOT platform and MES systems based on the cumulative experience of hundreds of man years in production floors.

Contel Smart Energy - provides smart software systems for the optimal management of local electrical networks. This includes microgrids and SCADA systems for operation and management of electrical facilities with solar energy.

Building and Air-Conditioning Control - provides end components, thermostats, wetting systems, energy monitors, and control systems for air-conditioning systems in institutions and buildings.

Machine Vision - builds deep-learning systems that provide manufacturers with new applications on the production floors and improves the product quality assurance in the manufacturing lines.

Continuous Monitoring Systems - plans and executes analytical systems for consecutive monitoring of emissions during the production process. The company has a large team of technicians who provide routine services for the machinery installed in plants throughout the country. The company has a unique expertise in the field and extensive experience in providing reliable measurements and meeting the strictest regulatory requirements.

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